OVERVIEW: Pinkerton is going for the three-peat in Division 1 girls lacrosse but the Astros will have to do it without graduated two-time Eagle-Tribune MVP Kennedy Daziel.

The last D1 team to three-peat was Londonderry from 2009-11 under Bob Slater, who is back in charge after coaching two years in the college ranks. Christina Miano is the new coach at Salem.

In Division 3, Pelham could surprise with 10 starters back.

The Division 2 preview with Windham and Timberlane will run later in the week.

Division 1


2014 record: 10-7, lost Division 1 quarterfinals

Returning lettermen: Mariah Eacrett, Sr., defense; Noelle Lambert, Sr., attack; Rachel Stevens, Sr., defense; Annika Skov, Sr., midfield; Chelsea Lewis, Sr., attack; Sarah Bell, Sr., attack; Jenna Conroy, Sr., defense; Michaela Kewley, Sr., goalie; Michelle Hennessey, Sr., midfield; Jacqueline Curtin, Sr., midfield; Breda Holland, Jr., midfield; Sarah Jackes, Jr., defense; Gabbi Morris, Jr., midfield; Dominique Breault, Jr., midfield; Jill McIntire, Jr., midfield; June Cranmer, Jr., midfield; Samantha Lecaroz, Soph., low defense

Captains: Rachel Stevens, Noelle Lambert 

Candidates: 66 

Returning goal leaders: Noelle Lambert 37, Chelsea Lewis 28, Gabbi Morris 22

Returning honorees: Noelle Lambert and Rachel Stevens, second-team Division 1

Fast facts: Mike Boyle went 23-13 in two seasons as head coach. ... Bob Slater returns as head coach. He left following the 2012 season to pursue college coaching opportunities. He previously went 108-25-1 in seven years with the Lancers, winning Division 1 state titles 2009-11. He was an assistant at Southern New Hampshire in 2013 and at St. Anselm last year.  ... Noelle Lambert and Chelsea Lewis will play at UMass Lowell. Sarah Bell at Queens College and Rachel Stevens at Coastal Carolina. ... Junior Gabbi Morris is committed to Assumption. 

Assistants: Bob Borjeson, Meredith Jackes

Bob Slater (8th year, 108-25-1): “We are getting the program back to the way I run it. ... Our goal is the final four and anything can happen when we get there.”


2014 season: 18-3, repeat Division 1 state champion

Returning starters (6): Maggie McCarthy, Sr., midfield; Amanda Szostak, Sr., attack; Micaela Capozzo, Sr., attack; Kristen Sobolewski, Sr., defense; Ali Davis, Jr., midfield; Emily Sharretts, Soph., defense

Returning lettermen: Colby Millsaps, Sr., attack; Melanie George, Sr., defense; Morgan Hazelton, Sr., defense; Kyra Goucher, Jr., goalie; Nola Wesche, Jr., attack; Ariel Vallaincourt, Jr., midfield; Danielle Thompkins, Soph., attack, Avery Drouin, Soph., midfield

Promising newcomers: Kelsey Flannery, Sr., attack; Morgan Donahue, Sr., attack; Jacqueline Tarsook, Sr., goalie; Megan Jarvis, Soph., midfield; Carly Young, Frosh., defense; Britney Johnson, Frosh., midfield

Captains: Maggie McCarthy, Amanda Szostak, Micaela Capozzo

Candidates: 53

Returning goal leaders: Maggie McCarthy 62, Micaela Capozzo 15, Ali Davis 15

Returning honorees: Maggie McCarthy, Eagle-Tribune All-Star

Fast facts: Maggie McCarthy (Delaware), Micaela Capozzo (Gannon), Ali Davis (Lock Haven) and Kyra Goucher (Assumption) will be playing in college. 

Assistants: Jackie Driscoll, Jerry Kraus, Kim Young, Jen Resmini, Meagan Moran 

Coach Rob Daziel (4th year, 44-17): “I expect this team to continue to develop throughout the year and our goal is to be playing our best lacrosse heading into the playoffs.”


2014 season: 10-9, lost in Division 1 semifinals

Returning starters (6): Kiley Keenan, Sr., midfield; Lizzy Twomey, Sr., midfield; Marissa Messina, Sr., defense; Lissa Perry, Jr., attack; Ashley Matthews, Jr., attack; Rachel Amiss, Soph., defense

Returning lettermen: Shay Redmond, Sr., attack; Julia D’Onofrio, Jr., midfield; Brianna Wood, Jr., defense

Promising newcomers: Meghan Greeley, Soph., defense; Catherine Langmaid, Frosh., attack; Jill Perry, Frosh., defense

Captains: Kiley Keenan, Marissa Messina, Lizzy Twomey, Shay Redmond 

Candidates: 39

Fast facts: Last year’s team made the state semis for the first time in the program’s 11-year history. ... Former assistant Christina Miano replaces Faith Wahlen, who went 80-106 in 11 years. Miano was a co-captain for the Blue Devils in 2006 and played at Southern N.H. She late was an assistant at SNHU. She is a volleyball assistant in the fall for Salem. Her fulltime job is as a social media marketing specialist.

Assistants: Hannah Moriarty, Karilyn Pilch

Coach Christina Miano (1st year): “I’m excited to lead a talented group of athletes to another successful season, picking up where we left off last season.”



2014 season: 3-13, no state tourney

Returning starters (): Ryann Bailey, Jr., midfield; Sarah Heckman, Jr., attack

Returning lettermen: Molly Wilmot, Jr., defense

Promising newcomers: Kristen Boyd, Sr.; Samantha Coryea, Sr.; Taylor Livingston, Sr.; Amanda Berry, Jr.; Emilee Nathan, Jr.; Lily Ashford, Soph.; Colleen Donnelly, Soph.; Meghan Galanos, Soph.



Returning goal leaders:

Returning honorees: none

Fast facts:

Assistants: Beth Corkum, Meghan Hickey

Sammi Benson (2nd year, 3-13): “s.”


2014 season: 15-3, Division 2 runner-up

Returning starters (6): Courtney Sweeny, Sr., attack; Ali Connors, Sr., attack; Sam Crichton, Sr., midfield; Hope Curtis, Jr., midfield; Lexi Lewis, Jr., midfield; Emma Lindquist, Soph., attack

Returning lettermen: Julia Peet, Sr., goalie; Elizabeth O’Neill, Jr., midfield; Delaney Shea, Jr., defense

Promising newcomers: Madelyn Joanis, Sr., defense; Fallon Golden, Sr., defense; Ashley Manzo, Sr., midfield; Abigail Lagos, Jr., attack; Alexis Miedico, Jr., midfield; Abby Mitchell, Jr., defense; Sydnie Hollins, Jr., goalie; Anne MacLeod, Soph., midfield; Katie Wallace, Soph., midfield

Captains: TBD 

Candidates: 35

Returning goal leaders: Ali Connors 87, Courtney Sweeny 66, Lexi Lewis 28, Emma Lindquist 19

Returning honorees: Courtney Sweeny and Ali Connors, All-Division 2; Lexi Lewis, second-team Division 2

Fast facts: Assistant Maura Murphy replaced Jill Bartlett, who went 60-13 in four years. Murphy was a co-captain at Southern New Hampshire then an assistant at SNHU for three years. She was a three-team Eagle-Tribune All-Star at Pinkerton (2003-05) while playing for her father Bryon Murphy. ... Murphy played at Pinkerton with assistants Julie Chase and Diana Kraus.

Assistants: Julie Chase, Sarah Ellins, Diana Kraus 

Coach Maura Murphy (1st year): “The team is motivated and determined to secure a spot in the Division 2 championship game. An experienced senior class leads the team.”

Division 3


2014 season: 4-11, lost Division 3 first round

Returning starters (10): Brooke Paradis, Sr., attack; Lauren DiPrizio, Sr., midfield; Heather Defranzo, Sr., defense; Amanda Barton, Jr., midfield; Taylor Burke, Jr., attack; Abigail Joncas, Soph., midfield; Shannon Weisensee, Soph., midfield; Sarah Morin, Soph., midfield; Lilly Shlimon, Soph., attack; Shea Kingsley, Soph., goalie 

Returning lettermen: Ashley Ramalho, Jr., defense; Abby Gagnon, Soph. defense; Cassidy Corbett, Soph. defense;

Promising newcomers: Holly Feola; Frosh., defense, Hannah Flynn, Frosh., midfield, McKenna Gosselin, Frosh., attack, Caroline Joncas, Frosh., midfield

Captains: TBD 

Candidates: 33

Returning scoring leaders: Brooke Paradis 48 goals, Sarah Morin 34 goals, Amanda Barton 25 goals, Shannon Weisensee 24 goals

Returning honorees: Brooke Paradis, honorable mention Division 3

Fast facts: Caroline and Abigail Joncas are sisters. ... The team graduated just one senior from last year.

Assistants: Jacqui Perry

Coach Kaite Carmody (4th year, 6-36): “I am excited to be playing some new teams this year like Bow, St. Thomas and ConVal. I have a majority of the same girls with me this year that were with me last year along with some nice young talent that I think will help us improve.”

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