Pats need 'Monday Tom Brady' back at helm

AP Photo/David J. PhillipBill Burt says there's been too much of this New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady lately, dejected and frustrated.


Breaking news:

Tom Brady is frustrated.

Well, at least he has been lately, win or lose, on Sundays.

The GQ-looking quarterback has been the picture of misery after the last month of New England Patriots’ football games (2-2).

Grumpy. Short. And Belichickian in his non-answers to specific, negative-based questions.

Then there has been the Monday Tom Brady, the guy who does a local and national radio show. That guy is level-headed, positive, inspirational and a guy you’d want to follow.

So is the Monday guy who sends Instragram videos from his backyard in Brookline, oftentimes with a son adding a few words, praising a recent “W” or promoting the act of getting another “W” the following week.

Yesterday, the Monday Tom Brady, said the all of the rookies were doing their best, including Patriots 2019 first round pick N’Keal Harry, who got only one target while on the field for 22 plays.

In fact, that lone target was intercepted with Brady forcing it to the covered Harry, and Harry being outmuscled while never coming back for the ball.

Sunday Tom Brady was spitting nails on the sidelines. If he wasn’t tossing his helmet to some ballboy with a miffed look on his face, he was shouting instructions.

While we’ve seen that guy before, many times, he was even more upset and/or dejected on the field.

Sunday Tom Brady was publicly getting on players, raising his arms in disgust or pointing down-the-field as if to tell somebody, “Go long!”

Sunday Tom Brady represents Patriots fans the last two months. Everybody is upset.

The offensive line, wide receiving skill and Sony Michel haven’t been up to snuff. But neither has Brady.

Are less-than-stellar performances mutually exclusive? Probably not.

Brady has been dealt, due to extenuating circumstances, a poor hand the last two months. Injuries, releases and poor planning (Did Bill Belichick believe the Patriots offense can run efficiently with Benjamin Watson as your No. 1 tight end?).

The 2018 Patriots were not an offensive juggernaut either. The Patriots were searching for high-end speed at wide receiver all season and Rob Gronkowski played at a B- level compared to the rest of his career here.

But the Patriots could run the ball.

What does that mean? It means ball control. It means clock control. It means field position. It means the defense can take more risks.

Those issues though are not as important as Brady’s psyche. He’s not happy — or frustrated (take your pick) — and there are too many impressionable, new players on offense who are competing on egg shells because of it.

Even eight-year veteran Mohamed Sanu, who was acquired for a second round pick on Oct. 22, has regressed during Brady’s mood swings.

Statistically, this will go down as a down year for Brady, at least since he became an MVP guy in the mid-2000s.

Does that matter? It probably does somewhat, but it shouldn’t.

Does it matter that most national football people have written off Brady and the Patriots? Yup.

Brady had a chance to do something special on the game’s first drive after a brilliant 3-and-out from the defense, but he could do nothing with a first-and-goal from the Texans’ 7-yard line.

It set the tone for the game. A touchdown there, on the road and, well, maybe the Patriots find their way.

The Patriots are in position to go on another long run. They have the defense to do it. They need to find their way with the running game.

But most of all, they need Monday Tom Brady. I’d want to play for that guy.

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