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I missed the first two New England Patriots games this season because of other commitments but I was able to catch yesterday's 38-30 win over the Buffalo Bills. What stood out the most to me was tight end Aaron Hernandez's arms, which are covered with tattoos. I did a Google search and found an article about his tattoos in the Oct. 10, 2009 edition of The Jacksonville Observer (remember Hernandez played college ball at Florida).

"A guided tour of his arms reads like his autobiography," the article states, going on to tell that his left arm has on it his late father's favorite quote, "If it is to be, it is up to me."

The sun on his right arm represents all the good days he spent with his dad, who died in 2006 at 49 years old as the result of complications from routine hernia surgery, the article states.

There is a spider web tattoo on Hernandez's left arm. "Spiders create their own path. I make my own decisions, don't blame anyone," Hernandez told The Observer.

"There's a tribute to his mom and dad, a football. On it goes, not a patch of skin unadorned," the article reads.

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Another athlete who honors his late father is former Londonderry High baseball player Brian Wilson, the closer of the San Francisco Giants whose dad died of cancer.

Wilson honors his dad with a dragon tattoo on his left arm. Watch Wilson discuss his dad and the meaning of his dragon tattoo at


Tom Brady on new running back Danny Woodhead (5-foot-9, 200 pounds), who ran 3 times for 42 yards (14.0 average) and scored one touchdown:

"What an impressive performance for a guy who's been here for 10 minutes."


I was at the Timberlane vs. Alvirne football game Friday night and I asked Owls quarterback Nate Lawrence whether his brother, running back Nick Lawrence, is getting a big head after the performances he has had this season. Nick Lawrence has rushed for more than 100 yards in every game this season. His best performance came Sept. 17 when he ran 19 times for 296 yards in a win over Manchester West.

"He's always been a humble kid," Nate Lawrence said about Nick Lawrence. "He stays low. You don't see him celebrating a lot after he scores touchdowns. He just likes playing the sport and does what he can."

That sounds a lot like former Timberlane running back Derek Furey who also was a humble kid, coach Kevin Fitzgerald told me over the summer.


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