summer reading

I couldn't put down "Basketball Junkie," Chris Herren's no holds barred biography about his battle with drugs. While with the hometown Celtics, the ex-Durfee great said he was far more concerned with getting high every day than playing ball.

Even if he wasn't my brother, I'd highly recommend Andover author Bob Muldoon's self-published book "Brass Bonanza Plays Again." It's a unique combination of fiction and non-fiction which hockey fans, especially of the Hartford Whalers persuasion, would enjoy.

Cakes are baking

UTL happy birthday wishes go out to Merrimack hockey goalie Nick Drew of Andover (turned 21 yesterday), Franklin Pierce-bound soccer star Molly Fitzgerald of Haverhill (turning 18 today), BC assistant hockey coach Mike Cavanaugh Jr. of North Andover (turning 43 Tuesday), Chris Shannon of Andover and the Duke final four lacrosse team (turning 23 Wednesday), legendary Lawrence football player Bill Quinlan (turning 79 Thursday) and ex-Haverhill hoop great Amy Veilleux (turning 35 Saturday).

betcha didn't know

Angels pitcher Trevor Bell is the grandson of the late Bob Bell, who portrayed Bozo the Clown on WGN in Chicago from 1960-1984. Show business runs in the Bell family as two of his brothers are actors and models. Trevor starred in several commercials when he was younger including for Big Wheels and Kellogg's.

jayhawk on jayhawk crime

"Good luck in the D-League and Europe next year," Former Kansas forward Scot Pollard tweeted about disappointing but gifted Jayhawk freshman Josh Selby, who entered the NBA draft.

Really, he can play

A Regis College basketball recruit from Vermont has an unfortunate name for an athlete ... Jaren Scrubb.

Silver (and gold) lining

Joel Torres was as low as you can get early in the spring when he was released by the Akron Aeros Double-A baseball team. His fortunes, literally and figuratively, soon changed when he won $660,300 in the lottery.

humorous guard

Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis picked the right career but he was a pretty fair basketball player in the day. He was one of the lesser lights on a vaunted Kansas City AAU team which featured future NBA players Corey Maggette, Kareem Rush and Korleone Young.

300 times 3

Not too many high school coaches can match Dave Shea, 76, of Bacon Academy in Colchester, Conn. He has coached three different Bacon varsity teams (boys basketball, girls basketball, baseball) to 300-plus wins. ... Freshman Matt Kuhar of Smithfield High won the Rhode Island state individual tennis title and he's just 5-3, 95 pounds!

mascot madness

Political correctness never ends in academia. "Purdue Pete," the beloved Boilermaker mascot at Purdue University, was given "a deeper tan to represent more ethnicities." Also, the new full body suit will allow females to play the previously all-male role. In addition, his famed sledgehammer was eliminated because it was considered "too violent."

To which I say, "Go Hoosiers!"

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