Patriots QB Tom Brady completed all 12 of his passes in the first half of last night’s AFC Divisional playoff game against the Jaguars. He finished 26 of 28 with three TDs.

FOXBORO — New England, we’ve been spoiled.

And I’m not even talking about the Red Sox and Celtics or the few losses our Boston professionals have had since the end of October.

The rest of the nation, including and especially a bus station full of ex-NFL players working on national TV, has decided they don’t like Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Admit it, you’ve had enough and you want blood. You want 50 points. You want bombs to Randy Moss. And you want it now.

Well, it isn’t coming. You’re going to have to settle for the consolation prize — wins and possibly another Lombardi


The Patriots are going to do this old-fashioned way, or at least the way they did in 2001, 2003 and 2004 — with precision, smarts and, of course, Brady.

The Jacksonville Jaguars deserve credit. They gave the Patriots everything they could handle.

They did everything right except stop Brady and Company (the offense scored on every possession except two, one was a missed field goal and the other was a punt late in the fourth quarter).

We were forewarned about this immediately after the Eagles stunned America three days after Thanksgiving by keeping it close against the Patriots.

“People should wake up,” said Pats linebacker Tedy Bruschi after that game. “This is they way it is in late November and December. It’s going to be like this all of the time down the stretch. This is reality. I hope a lot of the new guys understand that. Those huge (blowouts) are aberrations.”

They really are.

The Patriots are playing to win these days. That means risks. Those all-out blitzes or passes to Moss in double-coverage aren’t going to happen.

They will protect the ball (no fumbles and no interceptions, again). They will throw 5-yard passes until your head spins. And they will not throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at an opposing quarterback until the Patriots are absolutely sure you are throwing on third down.

It’s not what you may have bargained for while buying munchies for your football party but, as we saw again last night, it works.

If anybody was perfect last night, it was Brady.

He finished an amazing 26 for 28 and, quite frankly, both of those Brady “gaffes” easily could have been catches. Add in the 262 yards and three TD passes for good measure, and one wonder where the heck the blowout was.

It never happened. And, you know what, it’s probably not happening next week either.

Perfection is probably out of the question.

This is about something a little more special, a Super Bowl.

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